BLOGGING 101 First Public Post

Hello, my name is Ellen Lowe and I’m a single mom of three great kids. I also work full time at a nice day job. I’ve decided to start blogging so I can add professional writing to my resume and begin reviewing random media and other fun things, such as books, movies, television shows, restaurants, and anything else that bears a noteworthy review.  I’m an avid reader of almost everything.  I also love movies and television.  I love to see live shows, eat dinner out, watch live music, and spend my free time writing about many topics.

I’ve decided to open my first public blog so I can hone my writing and creative skills and begin a writing career.  I’d love to one day be published and make money through writing.  I’m very new at all of this, so I’m here and ready to learn!

I’m looking forward to connecting with anyone interested in entertainment topics like books and movies, and anything that will be seen on my blog that is of interest.

I also look forward to connecting with other bloggers as well as book and article writers and various creative people.  I’m very excited this year to be setting up my first blog. I want to make it look and feel branded and professional, and hope to be up and running with reviews 2 to 3 times per week during the months of March and April.  I’m very excited to be here!


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