Toy Story: Favorite Plaything as a Child- Writing Prompt- Blogging 101



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My favorite play thing as a child would be my imagination and that I loved to “play house.”  I used to play house all of the time whether it was by myself, with girl friends, or the boys that lived across the street from me.  I would set up glorious versions of our “house” we all lived in where we took care of all of our various “children.” The entire upstairs of my neighbor’s house became my house, where her two sons who were a couple of years younger than me imagined and put together our “house,” where we pretended that I was the mom, and one of them was the dad.  The youngest sometimes wound up being the kid, and one of my dolls would be the sibling.  We also would do this with toys such as hot wheels and G.I. Joe or Star Wars men.  The possibilities for our “families” and play cities were endless.  My dream as a child was to one day be a mom.  I wanted nothing more than to grow up and find my husband and be his wife and have children and live happily ever after.

I played house with my girlfriends too.  In my front yard we would set up entire Barbie towns that Barbie and Ken would be the parents and they had their various “problems” and “arguments.”  Cabbage patch dolls would be in their cradles under the trees, and these things would be left outside for days as long as the weather stayed nice.  Our imaginations were our friends.  Playing “house” and playing “mom” was my favorite thing to do in the world, and I loved it when my friends would play along, even the boys.

How does this tie in to who I am today?  I grew up and I became a mom of course.  Life didn’t turn out like it did in my imagination, where I married the man of my dreams and we lived happily ever after.  I wound up failing two long term relationships/marriages that produced my three living “doll babies” that I’m raising as a single mother.  While I wish I could have given them the perfect home in a large house, on a farm that my imagination did when I was a child, I am striving to give them the best life I can give them, given the situation.  I’m never giving up on me, most importantly, as easy as it would be to give up on a lot, it’s important to keep going and keep trying to better yourself and situation.  That is the significance of this blog.  I’m finding my own passions and self worth, where as in the past I thought that I needed another person to make me whole.  I’m learning and hopefully teaching them that yes, relationships are important, but its important to know who you are before you get in to one and to know you can stand on your own, and that it’s important to discern the people worthy of a relationship and love and family.

I’m currently happily raising them and happily single, and working on myself, but have not given up completely on the fairytale ending, and this writing prompt assignment is only a bit of my life in review.

Blogging 101 and Time Management

I received my email today regarding expanding on a comment I made on someone else’s blog yesterday, when I realized, I failed to comment or even read a single blog yesterday.  I was preoccupied by one of my children going off to Girl Scout Camp for the next three days.  With all of the chaotic business of packing and making sure she has everything she will need, I completely forgot about my word press blog or the fact that I signed up for Blogging 101, but my forgetfulness was, of course, temporary. Today when I logged in to my email, I realized that not looking at word press yesterday would not help me to begin my blog today.  So today I’ve read through and commented and liked a few blogs.  There was one in particular that jumped out regarding setting up a new blog.  The blog is written by Wendy E. N. Thomas who is teaching an online course called Writing Blogs (  I love her beginning blogger information on the “how to’s” of setting up a new word press blog.  My comment on her post was regarding tips on finding the time in an extremely busy schedule with work, kids, and kid’s activities to find extra time to write without losing sleep at night.  I have a full time 8-5 job too!  My goal is to start working on blocking out some time to read and write so I can at least start posting with regularity.  I’d love to improve on my writing skills and really start to dig in and connect with more people.  I’m just having a heck of a time finding enough time to give to it that I want to give!  I think a great thing to be sure of before beginning a blog is to be sure you have the time to commit to it.  I’m finding this to be my biggest challenge thus far!  At any rate, I think it’s great that there are online courses for blogging, and that there are people like Ms. Thomas that are willing to take the time to help others achieve their goals. I’m going to continue on toward my own personal goals, and start by breaking my one large goal down in to tiny daily goals.  This is just the beginning, after all.

BLOGGING 101 First Public Post

Hello, my name is Ellen Lowe and I’m a single mom of three great kids. I also work full time at a nice day job. I’ve decided to start blogging so I can add professional writing to my resume and begin reviewing random media and other fun things, such as books, movies, television shows, restaurants, and anything else that bears a noteworthy review.  I’m an avid reader of almost everything.  I also love movies and television.  I love to see live shows, eat dinner out, watch live music, and spend my free time writing about many topics.

I’ve decided to open my first public blog so I can hone my writing and creative skills and begin a writing career.  I’d love to one day be published and make money through writing.  I’m very new at all of this, so I’m here and ready to learn!

I’m looking forward to connecting with anyone interested in entertainment topics like books and movies, and anything that will be seen on my blog that is of interest.

I also look forward to connecting with other bloggers as well as book and article writers and various creative people.  I’m very excited this year to be setting up my first blog. I want to make it look and feel branded and professional, and hope to be up and running with reviews 2 to 3 times per week during the months of March and April.  I’m very excited to be here!